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Data Protection

  • data protection governance, and the structures, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with data protection legislation;
  • the processes for managing both electronic and manual records containing personal data;
  • the processes for responding to any request for personal data, including requests by individuals for copies of their data as well as those made by third parties, and sharing agreements;
  • the technical and organisational measures in place to ensure that there is adequate security over personal data held in manual or electronic form;
  • the provision and monitoring of staff data protection training and the awareness of data protection requirements. 

Representative Services

According to the GDPR/UK GDPR regulations certain companies, depending on the scope of their business activities, must have a representative in the EEA (GDPR), or UK for UK GDPR, to deal with data subject requests and liaise with data supervisory authorities. 

We provide representative services in the UK and EU to comply with these regulations.

Data Protection Officers

GDPR/UK GDPR regulations mandate for some organisations the need to have a Data Protection Officer. The role as defined is broad in nature and is required to be at a senior level in the organisation. Many organisations find it hard to attract and retain a DPO that meets the criteria and where they are able to do this, can struggle to justify the expense of such a person on a full time basis.

We offer companies the possibility to outsource their DPO services reducing costs and having access to specialised personnel to make sure they comply with the legal requirements.

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